Before we Began

Each world occupies its own orb of space-time, spinning and living separately from one another. Each world dreams its own dreams, alone yet not alone, like apples dangling from a tree. And, again like blind, mute apples, the worlds know nothing of one another. For time beyond memory, your world has existed in the same way. Things change, but then again things never change. Until now.

On your plane of existence, strange occurrences have begun. People (or in some cases even cities) are disappearing. Unfamiliar folk or creatures appear from seemingly nowhere. The stars are straying from their ancient paths. For the most part these incidents are isolated, only happening enough to build up an aura of oddity and whispered rumors of something going, somehow, wrong.

You have no idea what to make of it, if the whisperings have so much as reached your ears. And you have no idea that a great and terrible adventure is waiting in your future…


Dun Dun Dun!

Before we Began

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